Tuesday , June 2 2020

5 Types of Dates You Must Always Avoid


5 Types of Dates You Must Always Avoid


If You Date These Type Of Girls, You Will Undoubtedly Regret It

We have all been crappy dates where all we wanted to do was hog on the food and make a dash for the exit.

Why is that some dates turn out to be utterly boring, while some make us go weak in the knees? Guess we will never know. But what we do know is there are five kinds of types we MUST avoid…

The one talks about his/her ex:

It’s an unsaid rule when it comes to first dates that you should NOT talk about your ex, whatever the situation. Even if she/he is dining at the same place as you, refrain from making any comments about your past. It will make you look needy and desperate, two qualities everybody hates. If you’re stuck with someone who is constantly doing the ‘You Know What My Ex Did’ rant, get up and leave. No questions asked.

The phone fiddler:

It’s not okay for the date to fiddle with his/her phone throughout the evening. Even if the date is boring, it’s no excuse to fiddle with the smartphone. If you’re with someone who gives more importance to his/her gadget than you, the date is a certified disaster and you should make your escape plans immediately. Picking up emergency calls is acceptable, but not constant pinging/updating. Not. Cool.

The Bhookad:

This is the worst kind of date to ever have. He/she is only interested in eating whatever is on the table without bothering to talk or understand you. They just don’t care as long as there’s yummy food on the table. How can ever get into a relationship with somebody who is a total bhookad and can only think of eating all the time? Although being with a foodie is fun, being with a glutton is not. Know the difference and tread carefully.

The one never pays:

If you know that you’re going out with a miser, drop the plan. Because they will never shell out even a single penny and expect you to treat them to the best of things. That’s not fair at all. And girls, if you don’t want to be treated differently, pay up on the first date or at least offer to split. If he says no, don’t push it. But make sure that you show your willingness to foot the bill.


The cheap-shot:

Whether it’s his/her attitude toward the waiters/chauffeurs/ cleaners or cheap behaviour in general, there’s no excuse to go out with a person like this. If he can’t behave well with others, it’s just not possible for him to be at his behavioural best with you.

Girls and boys, it’s important to go out with all kinds of people to know who you really like. You might have a comfort zone, but sometimes, breaking it gives you wings.

True story, bro.


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