Tuesday , September 29 2020

12 Ways You Screw Up Your Own Relationship And Don’t Even Know It


Strong, and delicate. Easy, yet difficult. Simple – but oh so complicated! Relationships are all this and more. While it takes equal amounts of hard work, support, love and dedication to make a relationship work, when it comes to messing up, it doesn’t always take two to tango! Certain mistakes repeated over and over again by just one of the partners can screw up a perfectly happy relationship. Wondering how? Read on…

1. Trust does not figure in your scheme of things


Trust can either make or break a relationship – it is the foundation on which it survives. This is one aspect in all relationships that is complex and yet the simplest, hardest but also the easiest – its presence brings immense happiness and its absence turns into a lifetime of suspicion, frustration and heartbreak. If you want your relationship to stand strong through the trials of time, don’t just ‘say’ you trust your partner, prove it. Quit snooping, doubting, excessive questioning, and wanting to know every detail of his/her every waking minute. If you find yourself sulking when your partner refuses to share their email password or phone lock code, ask yourself how good the relationship is. If you can’t bring yourself to kick these habits and trust, let go of this relationship that makes you edgy and takes away your peace of mind. It won’t survive too long without trust anyway.

2. The communication becomes increasingly clouded

One of the biggest problems in relationships is the obsession that your partner should “just know” what’s on your mind. Bad news! Mind reading is a super power not everyone is born with. Stop assuming that the person you are with must magically know what you are thinking – speak out loud and communicate clearly about issues that bother you. Sure, it could lead to some conflict, but it would be healthy, conclusive conflict with a definitive outcome, and you will find yourself in a healthier and more positive relationship.

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