Saturday , March 25 2023

11 Ways You Can Get Your Shit Together

The trick to getting your shit together is to not consider it as shit. There’s life, and it gets messy. All you’ve to do is keep your head up, and not let problems get bigger than you. Here’s a guide for anybody who thinks their problems are the end of the world.

1. First and foremost – calm down

There, there, it happens. Shit hits the fan and someone switches the fan on. Life is like that. It’s tough and mind you, it can be tougher than what you’re going through right now. Rejoice in the fact that it isn’t worse. Accept whatever has happened, because being in denial is not going to help. Accepting things the way they are will definitely calm you down. Once that happens, move on to the next step.

2. Realise that people don’t really care about you and your problems

Therefore, stop telling each and everyone you meet about your breakup or roommate problems. They seriously don’t give a shit. Even a Facebook status about it won’t help, because you aren’t getting anything apart from ‘likes’ and fake concern. Telling people who don’t care about your problems is only make things worse.

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