Tuesday , June 28 2022

11 Things That Nail The Difference Between Boys And Men

Dating is a dicey game. And boys cannot always remain boys. Although, some of them try really hard to not grow up, there comes a time when most boys grow up and man up. And here’s a handy guide to tell the difference. You’re most welcome.

1. A boy will fight over petty things. A man knows how to fight fairly

A fight can really help you identify the difference between a boy and a man. You’re dating a boy if he picks up a fight on every irrational little thing. For instance, you’re talking with someone becomes you flirting. A man, on the other hand, knows when to bring up an issue and he makes valid points to support the same.

2. Boys run away from commitment. A man has no issue with the idea

For boys, a relationship only means ‘hanging out’. They want to go around with you, flaunt you as a girlfriend, and want to have a good time. For men, a relationship means more than ‘hanging out’. The word ‘marriage’ doesn’t scare them and they have no problem with the idea of commitment.

3. A boy is possessive. A man is protective

Men aren’t insecure if you talk to another guy. They trust you and will not make a big deal of it, unless of course, you’re in danger. A boy will act like it’s the end of the world if you hang out with another fellow.

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