Friday , July 1 2022

11 Science-Backed Facts About Breakups That Could Clear Your Head Someday

Breakups are among the worst things to happen to human kind. They make you weak, insecure and make you question everything around you. Some people move on earlier, while others take a long time. Some cry and feel better, and some simply disconnect. So how do the dynamics really work?

Well, let’s let science answer that. Read on as we tell you the science behind breakups.

1. Most people suffer from an identity crisis

According to a research published in Personality and Psychology Bulletin, the more committed a person is in a relationship, the higher the chances of them changing after a break up. You may feel like an entirely different person yourself.

2. Loss of appetite is absolutely normal after a split

Experts note that stressful thoughts increase our body’s cortisol levels, that diverts the blood away from your digestive track, leaving you with GI troubles, and giving you a nauseous feeling at the thought of food.

3. Moving on after a break up is similar to ending an addiction

Science has proved that love is a drug. Just the way you have a hard time detoxing or giving up on smoking, you’ll have issues getting over the ex. Research published on confirmed falling in love is synonymous to a drug habit – it’s hard to break from it. Quitting is never easy, and now you know!

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