Sunday , September 27 2020

10 Slap-Proof Ways Of Approaching A Girl


Approaching women is scary. I know this because I know how brutal we can be to guys. But there are some triggers that make us that brutal. Now some of those triggers are what you’ve learned from popular culture but it’s creepy AF. So even if you had a chance, you’ve lost it because of something you said or did.

So if you’re shy or you want to avoid being slapped or insulted and save some grace, here’s what you can do!

1. Ask a female friend to do your ground-work, trade your wingman for a wing woman


Women feel safer with women, so the concept of wingman doesn’t work as well as wing women in India. If a girl approaches us, we know the level of bullshit immediately comes down from 60% to 30%. Which means you have a 30% better chance!

2. Talk to her about about really random stuff, crack a few jokes but avoid asking or giving personal information


When you ask us which college, company or where we live, we feel like you might stalk us or might turn out to be an axe murderer. So you might find the girl walking away or getting really awkward. So instead, talk to her about current events, make her laugh, compliment her, but not too much and not the sleezy ones. Stick to beautiful or pretty, because if you say hot, that might be the last thing you say to her.

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