Friday , July 1 2022

10 Signs That Prove You’re Literally Addicted To Your Partner

It’s good to be in love and want to spend with your partner but too much of anything can’t be good. There’s a fine line between love and obsession and if you think you might be tethering on that line, maybe it’s time for you to take a step back. Scientifically speaking you can get addicted to a person just like you can to food or alcohol and this can’t be good for you.

When you first fall in love with a person, you’re over the moon and feel ecstatic but when the initial honeymoon period wears off, you’re left with a sense of dependency. Here are signs that you’re not just in love but actually addicted to your partner.

1. You cannot concentrate on work because you’re always obsessing about your partner.

Your mind is always miles away thinking about your partner and as a result, you find it difficult to concentrate on any task at hand. You’re failing miserably at work and even though you’re aware of it, you find yourself unable to do anything about it.

2. You start panicking every time you think about leading a life without them.

Life without your partner seems like a nightmare to you. You cannot imagine a day when they won’t be a part of your world and anytime any such thoughts cross your mind, you literally start hyperventilating.

3. Your friends and family often complain about never seeing you.

It’s like you don’t have time for anyone else but your partner. You spend all your waking moment either with them or thinking about them and while your friends and family often complain about this, you don’t seem to give a damn.

4. You actually make rules for yourself about not seeing your partner but always break them.

Sometimes you try to remedy the situation and make-up with your friends by promising yourself that you won’t see your partner on a particular day and instead spend time with them but you almost always land up breaking this rule.

5. You cannot be happy if your partner isn’t around.

It can never be good if your happiness lies with someone else. If you cannot learn to be happy alone, you will never find happiness in anyone else. If you’re only happy when the person you’re dating is around, you’re in serious trouble.

6. You crave for your partner’s approval.

You want them to constantly shower you with compliments and focus all their energies on you. it actually ruins your day if he doesn’t like something you’ve done or something you’re wearing.

7. You purposely pick fights with your partner to gain his attention.

If at any point, you feel like your partner’s attention is deviating from you, you actually pick fights with them. You fight about stupid stuff like ‘you didn’t even compliment me of my new dress’ or ‘I’ve had such a terrible day and you didn’t ask me about it’.

8. When he’s out on a boy’s night or travelling, you feel depressed.

It irks you to know that your partner might enjoy spending time with anyone but you. You want them to be as miserable as you are when they’re not around and this makes you feel depressed and lonely.

9. His love is literally like a drug to you.

You crave for his love and are more interesting in receiving love than giving it. You’re extremely needy and are always complaining about how your partner is falling short of your expectations of him.

10. You only feel truly alive when he’s around.

You only feel completely yourself and incredibly joyous when you and your partner are hanging out and all his attention is focused solely on you. And this is just sad.

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