Tuesday , July 5 2022

The Best Images Of The Year Announced By National Geographic

The images in the collection, produced by 91 photographers and curated from almost 2,300,000 photos and 107 stories. From a space suit test at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, to a baby pangolin riding on its mother’s back – these powerful photos take us to places that we’ve never seen before and connect with us emotionally.

A pet saddleback tamarin hangs on to Yoina Mameria Nontsotega as the Matsigenka girl takes a dip in the Yomibato River, deep inside Peru’s Manú National Park.

On a mountainside in Yosemite National Park, photographer Stephen Wilkes took 1,036 images over 26 hours to create this day-to-night composite.

Tortoises jockey for shelter from the sun. They will cook in their shells if they remain in the heat for too long.

Indigenous people farm and hunt in Peru’s Manú forest but only for their own subsistence. Spider monkeys are a favorite quarry—and also favorite pets.

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