Friday , October 23 2020

Photograping Fruit Salesmen Holding Fruit They Sell Over Their Heads


Fruit Heads: I Photographed Fruit Salesmen Holding Fruit They Sell Over Their Heads

There is a story about trees. Once a people asked a tree – “Oh tree, what’s your name?” The tree responded, “It’s by the identity of the fruit”.
In our regular life we meet random people. Some are job holders, some do business, some are workers, some are students etc. But what if we can identify them with what they do? I took a different initiative to capture an unique segment of the large populations around me. The fruit merchants.

There are many fruit merchants, fruit salesmen around us in many marketplaces. But they are the most low profile people around us. We regularly purchase healthy fruits from them. Talk to them to a certain extent. Pay them. Then leave. But how many times do we remember their identity. It almost seems – their identity is by the fruits they sell. A funny yet critical connection there is – with the story I’ve told before.

Composing this photography story was a big changeling for me. Then suddenly I found my inspiration after rethinking and rebooting the presentation of Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte’s work “THE SON OF MAN”.
The composition inspired me so much…I thought of covering up the individual’s face with the very fruit he sells. Creating an unusual expression in the photograph. And so began the Fruit Heads series. I hope you all will enjoy it.

Grape Head


Banana Guy

Appeal by Apple


Pineapple Expression


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