Friday , October 2 2020

15 Beautiful Examples Of Photographic Excellence


15 Gorgeous Photos Taken with Love and Skill

I have friends who scoff at professional photographers. “It’s only the equipment”, they say. But the truth is, to capture a photo that speaks volumes, or has an innate natural beauty, takes a great eye, great patience and terrific timing. All of these were obviously present for these 15 marvelous photos taken recently, which I’m happy to share here with you.

A man wearing a Grandfather Frost costume walks across Dvortsovaya Square in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Women carry bundles of grass on their heads as they walk past a mustard field Hamirpur, India.

Schoolchildren attend a yoga session at a camp in the city of Ahmedabad, west India.


A Pakistani farmer guides his bulls as he competes in a traditional bull race.

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