Tuesday , September 27 2022

Then And Now Pictures Of Glaciers Around The World That Will Stun You

Glaciers have served as the natural source of rivers for many generations. But not for long. It has been reported by researchers that glaciers in the Everest region, home to some of the highest peaks on Earth, could face shrinkage rates of 70-99% by 2100 due to the emission of green house gases. This would lead to the formation of glacial lakes which could flood surrounding regions in times of earthquakes and avalanches.

These are just some past and present pictures of mighty glaciers that have now reduced in size as a potent warning for what lies ahead.

1. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanazania

2. Kyetrak Glacier, Tibet

3. McCarty Glacier, Alaska

4. Muir Glacier, Alaska

5. Boulder Glacier, Montana, USA

6. Cheney Glacier, Montana, USA

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