Saturday , August 13 2022

8 Things That Say You’re An Obsessive Compulsive Car Owner

We all love cars, don’t we. But there are some who love their cars more than others. They shudder at the thought of accelerating too hard and say sorry to the car every time they mistime a gear shift. Yes, they are crazy. Find out if you’re one of them!

1. Did I lock the car?

Yes you did. But nothing says peace of mind like waking up in the middle of the night to lock, unlock and relock the car.

2. Weekend TLC

Your weekly weekend ritual begins with washing, cleaning and polishing the car. But you still haven’t found the time to trim that beard for the past three weeks.

3. Service schedule is sacrosanct

You know the car’s service schedule like the back of your hand and insurance renewal dates are on your Google Calendar. Although you still have a hard time remembering the girlfriend’s birthday.

4. Heartache

You feel sick in the gut every time the car goes through a pothole and every time you have to brake hard. You also apologise to the car if you mistime a gear shift.

5. So clean you can eat off it

Your car’s dashboard is so clean you can probably eat off it. But the thought of eating in your car gives you the jitters. You never know where the crumbs will end up.

6. Other people’s cars

You freak out with other people’s failed efforts to trick out their cars. The thought of Deadmau5’s Purrari still makes you squeamish.

7. Valets

You have an inherent distrust of hotel valets. Because you know what the guy who let a valet drive his Lambo got. A Rs 3 crore repair bill.

8. Lending your car

You had a mini heart attack the last time your cousin asked if he could borrow your car. You then proceeded to suggest he take the bus, because you know why he can’t use his car.

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