Tuesday , June 28 2022

11 Reasons We Miss The Good Old Birthday Parties Of The 90s

Back in the 90s, we celebrated our birthdays with a paper plate full of crispy, yellow potato wafers, a cake, a pattice and a glass of Rasna. That it has phenomenally changed now, makes us all pretty nostalgic.

1. Birthdays were all about those crispy melt-in-your-mouth potato wafers

Birthdays then were incomplete without a paper plate full of crispy, yellow, melt-in-your-mouth potato wafers. Your parents would bring bags of it and then distribute them in a paper plate along with the cake. Unlike today, where birthdays have a fancier menu that includes a range of ‘Chinese’ dishes.

2. The innocent ‘hum bhi agar bacche hote’ has been replaced by the very senseless ‘DJ waaley babu’

There was always an uncle who would dance to ‘hum bhi agar bacche hote’ song at the party. But today, the sound system blares out Badshah’s meaningless rap loud.

3. Personally inviting people was a thing back then. Today, WhatsApp invites get forwarded

You would accompany your parents or your older sibling to visit people from the colony and invite them for birthday parties. Relatives would be called via landline and informed days in advance. But today, a WhatsApp forward is enough to send out the news.

4. Huge creamy cakes were the highlight of the party. Pretentious cupcakes were nowhere then

A massive cake with cartoons on it made kids extremely happy. However, today, parents have started replacing the cake with cupcakes and macaroons that are dainty to look at, but not as filling as a cake.

5. A Kodak camera captured the best moments

Unlike, today where even kids take out their phones to pout and smile. Back then, a click of a Kodak camera captured all the important birthday moments.

6. Presents were not expensive, but they made us happy anyway

We were very happy to receive stationery as gifts. From crayons to books, every little thing made us extremely happy.

7. Games like ‘musical chairs’, and ‘Dog and the Bone’ made for great post cake-cutting entertainment

Our parents made it a point to set up games for kids who came for the party. Today, it’s mostly a clown or a magician trying hard to make kids laugh.

8. Return gifts were a must

A kid never left the party without a gift. Whether it was a compass box or chocolates, we did get some cool return gifts back then.

9. Bursting the balloon after the cake-cutting was a ritual

And we kids would run all over to get the candies that burst out of the balloon.

10. A glass of Rasna was the mandatory drink of the party

After finishing everything on the paper plate, a glass of Rasna was a must. Good old Rasna has now been replaced by other fancier drinks today.

11. Now that you’re all grown up, you’re not even half as excited as you were back then while celebrating your birthday

Those were the days when birthdays were a great deal. Your folks planned for a month, and you had a countdown till your day arrived. And when it did it was bbeautiful.

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