Friday , July 1 2022

For Those Who Care Too Much About What The World Says

We live in a world where everyone has an opinion about others. Yes, that includes you too because no matter how much we hate what the world says about us, we ourselves make assumptions about other people. Be that as it may, if you know how you presume things about others, you should know that others do the same. And that is why you shouldn’t care about what the world says about you.

People just create opinions about you by what they see and what their mind interprets. It is never based on the facts or how you are as a person for that matter. Basically, they just make opinions because they don’t know you and that’s the only thing you should keep in mind before being affected by what they say about you. Believing in their opinions about you is like believing in something that doesn’t even exist and come on darling, your life is a reality not a fiction.

By paying heed to the negative thoughts that others have of you, all you do is harm yourself. You think that their opinions matter a lot and you should do things in a certain way that only pleases them. But isn’t that unfair to you?

Firstly, you motivate them by paying attention to the shit they say.

And secondly, you bother yourself with all those words. Eventually, you even start believing in what they say is right, which is absolutely wrong!

The only thing that you should care about is yourself. If you know what you are doing and why you are doing, then what the world says is completely irrelevant. Make sure that you are able to explain yourself about your own actions because you don’t owe any kind of explanation to anyone else.

Once your mind is clear and your thoughts are right on track, you will be the happiest person in this world.

Because honestly, you will never be able to change what people say about you and that will bother you forever. So, do a favour to yourself and believe in your own conscience as that is the only thing which matters.

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