Monday , September 25 2023

9 Things People Who Lie All The Time Will Understand

Everyone at some point or the other has lied. Some might have been minor lies that can be ignored, while some could have been really heart breaking ones. Sadly, a world without lies does not exist. And people have made lying a way of life. Take a look.

1. A lie is okay till the time it doesn’t hurt anyone.

These are very basic lies like being in two places at once and nobody is going to find out and nobody will cry. So, why not?

2. Tripping on people is more fun when you are lying.

When you lie or exaggerate, people give the best reactions. Totally worth it!

3. Storytelling is YOUR thing.

Because it’s fun to go as far as we can in terms of lying. On top of that, not getting caught despite endless lies is simply blissful.

4. Because you want to be the hero.

Studies have shown that people who indulge in compulsive lying are low on self esteem. To overcome that, they prefer to lie about themselves. They do this in order to become the ‘hero’ of their own story.

5. It is the easiest thing to do.

People who suffer from compulsive lying disorder apparently lie effortlessly. It is just a way of life, like a morning walk or the mandatory waking up ritual.

6. It gets you popularity and admiration.

Studies on compulsive lying have shown that people who dwell too much in lies are attention deprived. They may even tell you stories about being victims in certain situations or will probably narrate other people’s stories of bravery as their own.

7. Nothing is ever boring for you.

When you are cooking up stories and adding more and more twists to an incident, boredom is out of the picture.

8. You are completely okay with fake stories.

Anything to do with lies suits your personality. Be it fake accents or the April fool’s day.

9. It all comes naturally to you.

The beauty of being a liar is that you are not pretending anymore. Lying is a part of you and your personality.

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