Monday , January 25 2021

9 Things Only People Who Can Never Say ‘No’ Will Understand

Are you the kind of person who would rather run away from a situation or person than say ‘No’? Do you feel suffocated when you cannot make it to an event and have to say ‘No’? If these things describe you then you have definitely landed on the right page.

If you’re the kind of person who would make nice with their arch enemy instead of turning them down, then this list is definitely for you!

1. You always RSVP ‘Yes’ even when you know you definitely won’t be able to make it.

You say ‘Yes’ to everyone and every invitation you get. It doesn’t matter that you have ten other things to do on that day or even that you’re out of the country! You’ll still land up RSVPing ‘Yes’!

2. You actively avoid people because you know you will not be able to say ‘No’.

Sometimes when you know you’re about to receive an invitation to some place you cannot go to or do not want to go to, you spend all your time avoiding the said person who’s handing out the invitation instead of just telling them you cannot make it.

3. You cannot just say ‘No’ even when you have to, you feel like you have to come up with elaborate excuses.

On the off chance that you really cannot make it, you can’t just be curt and say ‘thanks but no thanks’. You’re the kind of person who gives detailed explanations and stories about how you really want to go but you can’t.

4. You feel like people often take you for granted.

There are people who take advantage of the fact that you won’t say ‘No’ and take you for a ride. While you’re not a fool and can see right through them, you’re too nice to say anything about it.

5. You are truly jealous of people who can say ‘No’ without feeling guilty.

You envy and admire those people who don’t feel the need to make up excuses and back stories if they can’t make it. You wish you could be more like them and just be carefree for once.

6. You end up spending a lot of money on other people all the time!

This often causes massive problems for you because you hate asking people to pay you back which means you’re broke more often than you care to admit. You’ve also noticed how certain people take advantage of your generosity.

7. You keep promising yourself to start saying ‘No’ to other people.

You promise yourself that you’ll be stronger the next time and that you will learn to tell people ‘No’. In fact it’s even one of your new year’s resolution but you haven’t been able to make good on this promise to yourself yet.

8. You really cannot let your close friends and family down ever.

You can’t even tell random people ‘No’ so it’s obvious that you can never let down your friends and family. You’re there for them at their beck and call whenever they need you and you’ll do whatever it takes to make sure they’re happy.

9. You have serious FOMO and cannot stand it when you’re excluded from an event.

Since you attend all the events all the time, you know a lot of people who invite you to even more events. It may so happen that sometimes you cannot attend one of these numerous events you’re invited to and that’s when the FOMO kicks in because you have to be everywhere!


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