Thursday , September 28 2023

9 Situations That Will Completely Instill Your Faith In Serendipity

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve lost something and then forgotten about it for some time, and then suddenly, to your surprise, you find that thing, and wonder ‘hey how did this happen?’. Well, that moment there is a serendipitous moment. Serendipity gives us hope that whatever is lost can be found. And that these moments are rare and precious and that they need to be cherished.

Here are some moments when you have to give it to serendipity for bringing some life to a rather monotonous life.

1. You find a Rs 100 note in the pocket of an old pair of jeans

Your regular habit of putting your hands in your jeans pocket while talking leads you to remove a crumpled 100-rupee note. Voila! It’s the same note you were searching the day you had snacks at the canteen and couldn’t pay because you thought you had lost it. But, that wasn’t the case as it was tucked away deep inside your pockets all this while.

2. A face you randomly spotted on a crowded street becomes your crush and you suddenly see that person being introduced to you by a friend

This ‘dil mein laddoo phoota’ situation will really reinstate your belief in serendipity. Imagine the acceptance of not being familiar with the person you’ve randomly fallen in love with, only to realise them standing next to you, extending their hand to say hello! Isn’t that magical?

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