Sunday , December 10 2023

9 Simple Questions That’ll Help You Discover Your Life’s True Purpose

Most of us are clueless about what we want to do with our lives. Even if we’re settled with a great family and fat pay cheques, we’re still prone to searching for the true purpose of our lives. Here are some questions that may help you answer one of life’s greatest questions – “What is my life’s purpose?”

1. What makes you forget to eat?

When was the last time you were doing something that you missed your lunch or dinner? No, playing FIFA and watching a Game of Thrones marathon do not count. Were you strumming a guitar? Or were you immersed in reading or solving a math problem? Do you love doing that? There is your answer.

2. If it was your last day on earth, what would you do and where would you go?

Mull over this important question whenever you’re alone in a quaint location. Pay attention to whatever you mention here. Those are the things you really love, and that are important to you.

3. When you read a newspaper, which section do you read first?

Which section do you jump to when you open the newspaper daily? Sports, entertainment or politics? What concerns you? Kim Kardashian’s derriere or the Nepal earthquake? The horoscope section doesn’t count.

4. Do you like sports? If yes, who is your favourite sportsperson and what do you admire in him/her the most? If not, then which sport would you like to play if you were made to pick?

Life is a game and to ace it you need to watch how your favourite sportsmen give their best shot at every game.

5. How do you react when you eat a badly made dish?

Do you make a fuss about it or do you quietly gulp it down one bite at a time? Life is full of unpleasant experiences which will bog you down. How well are you prepared for it? Will you take criticism from the boss and whine over it or work on the problem areas? Will you stop studying, if you fail at an exam or give it a second shot? Think about it.

6. What would your 10-year-old self tell you now?

Think about your past for a while. Imagine you being a 10-year-old meeting the 25-year-old you at a park and you two strike a conversation. Ask the 10-year-old what makes him happy. He will tell you about his hobbies. Ask him what he would like to be when he grows up. What did he say?

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