Friday , June 9 2023

9 Offbeat But Sure-Shot Ways To Introspect And Love Yourself

Time and tide have taught us not just that it waits for none but that there just remains one constant in this world – change. Today, we may be the person we weren’t yesterday and in some cases, never imagined to be. Our personality change has been a caused by a number of factors – biological or induced. There may come a point where you just don’t understand this change and hate yourself. But you must remember that it all has a purpose and everything around is just conspiring for you to achieve what you need and deserve to.

Here are a few little ways you can contemplate who you’ve become, your purpose and embracing these changes to love yourself.

1. Dance – to reflect on who you’ve become today

Take a few minutes a day to just relax and groove. Every time you do, shake a leg to your favorite beat or glide through the rhythms of grace. Either way, always make it a point to look into the mirror and notice how your arms and feet move without coercion. The more you do, the more grateful you become. You begin to embrace what your body has to offer and you will slowly learn to love what you see and appreciate the change.

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