Friday , August 12 2022

9 Everyday Situations That Will Change Completely If You Have A Friendly Robot

At some point of time, no matter how much we love our friends, we do get tired of them and their tantrums. Actually, I feel, there is nothing like a perfect friend. But what if I had a friend who would be always there to help, talk to, advice would never talk on my back or listen to everything I say? Wouldn’t that be great? That will be a perfect friendship. Won’t it? Just imagine how different life would be if we have a robot as a friend.

Here are 9 ways in which I think befriending a robot will change our life, for better.

1. You have someone to hang out with, all the time. Your new friend will never ditch you.

2. Who needs internet and search engines when you have a robo as your companion? Just ask him a question and get all your answers without moving a finger.

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