Tuesday , June 28 2022

8 Times It’s Just Fine To Be Selfish

We live in a society where we are taught to ‘put others first’ and not be selfish. We are asked to find time for others, smile in a gathering when we can’t even stand the crowd, plan our schedule according to others and so on, always adjusting ourselves to other’s needs. Being selfless is admirable but not when you have to compromise to an extent that you become a doormat. While others may cringe at the thought of someone being selfish, there are times when you must tell yourself that things will be absolutely fine if you become a selfish person.

Here are 8 times when you need to put yourself first.

1. When you wish to do things that make you happy.

A happy you can make others happy so, use this argument every time someone tells you to ‘adjust.’ Never compromise on your ‘me-time.’ Eat without thinking about turning into a balloon, be crazy like no one is watching, sing even when you have no sense of tune, dance to your heart’s content and do what you love.

2. When it comes to asking for more in relationships.

In most of the cases, people who fall in love try to imitate others in order to an ideal partner even if it means crossing their comfort zone. It is important to understand that you must love yourself. In addition, it is fine to expect the same amount of love and respect from the other person that you shower on them.

3. When you should follow your dreams.

Our parents, peers, teachers and society at large expect us to mold ourselves to suit their expectations and we often end up living a life that others wanted for themselves or a work that we never wanted. So, be selfish when it comes to chasing your dreams. You’ll disappoint a few in the start but a happy you will accomplish goals.

4. When you’ve finished a day’s hard work.

Put aside your friends’ plans that they made even after knowing your hectic schedule or a family function that you do not want to attend. At the end of the day, when you want to return home and sleep or just relax by yourself, put your needs first.

5. When you want to sleep.

Dozing off till late on a lazy Sunday morning is pure bliss. Nobody wants to get up before it’s noon. So, sleep till you are happy. Cancel your plans and ask your parents to let you sleep till late. It sounds difficult but there’s no harm in trying, is there?

6. When it comes to money that you deserve.

One puts a lot of effort in everything that they do and it comes with a cost. When you start earning, look for what gives you satisfaction and comfort. At the same time ensure that you get paid what you deserve. Do not shy away from asking what you truly deserve.

7. When you are going through a hard time.

When you already have a lot of problems in your life, you should not pile more worries. Declutter your work list and strike off things that burden you or make you miserable. Make way for those tasks alone that will help you recover and make you happy.

8. When others do not value you.

In an attempt to be liked and appreciated by everyone around us we do not realize when we are taken for granted. We do everything the other person tells us and revere ourselves in fake praises or friendships. In such scenarios it is important that you maintain your self-respect and start valuing yourself. Keeping a distance from such relationships will do you good.

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