Tuesday , July 5 2022

8 Things You’ll Relate To If You Have A Highly Expressive Face

Your face is a mirror to your deepest known secrets and reactions. Anger, happiness, shock, guilt, love, mischief, it’s all expressed on your face easily. No matter how hard you try to keep a poker face and stay calm, you face gives away how you truly feel about a situation. It’s all the more torturous when it’s time to be silent and your face just cannot stop mirroring what’s going in your mind.

If you feel this is your story, blame it on your highly expressive face that betrays you every time you repeat “stay calm; do not react” in your mind. Read along for more insights.

1. Your reactions are always on the extreme.

If you’re happy, it’s like a carnival for you. If you’re sad, one can sense a dense aura. If you are angry, it means the end of the cause of your unhappiness and if you are shocked, the whole neighborhood hears you gasp. Simply put, your reactions are a collective form of how the whole world would react.

2. Anything and everything invites your reaction.

There is not a single thing that does not tickle you or disturb you. Even if it does not concern you, the news itself invites your reaction. You don’t need to comment; your reactions suffice for it.

3. You find it hard to keep a secret.

Your friends make sure that you do not come to know about a secret in public as a squeal from you would invite unwanted attention. Even otherwise, a secret never remains a secret even if you keep zip your lips because one can find your eyes dancing with excitement and your lips curled up in a mischievous grin.

4. Your face does not allow you to lie.

Your face expresses what you feel. As a result, you have to practice well before you tell a lie. And, even when you feel that it went out smoothly your expressions miss the sync and let out your true thoughts much to your embarrassment.

5. Your eyes are a major giveaway.

Even if you plan on making a poker face and clench your jaw to avoid smiling, your eyes can never stay still; they’ll keep on dancing. Perfectly locked with your eyebrows, they say more than what you would have in mind. They shoot up or furrow in no second.

6. Watching a movie is difficult task for you.

While watching a movie you avoid sitting in front where everyone can see you because you are likely to be caught expressing way too much. An action or drama movie will see you tensed up while a romantic movie will send you grinning like a goofy for no reason.

7. You are assumed to be highly emotional.

Yes, you are a bit sentimental but you’re definitely not an emotional fool. You won’t cry buckets if you are sad or throw a party if you are happy. Though you react surprisingly quick to news and your highly expressive face lets out how you feel but you return to normalcy in a minute.

8. Your expressive face has often landed you in trouble.

Any work not up to your expectation or anything that does not go well invites a smirk or a frown from you. Or, when someone catches you rolling your eyes as a response to their efforts, you are left with red cheeks.

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