Tuesday , September 27 2022

7 Ways How Having A ‘What-If’ Attitude Will Change Your Life

No matter how filmy this sounds, adopting a what-if attitude will fix all your existential nonsense and put things in perspective. It will enable you to take more risks and let go of that guard that is holding you back.

Not convinced? These 9 reasons are a good start.

1. It leaves no room for giving up.

What if I get through that Ivy League college? What if he loves me too? What if dad actually allows me to go on a Europe tour?

This attitude will only encourage you for major and minor things. Come on, there are times we give up on things without trying. Most of us are obsessed with the no-win possibility. Isn’t that sad? Change that right away.

2. It makes us impulsive, in a good way.

Take those chances. Quitting your job. Taking a sabbatical.

Agreed that you don’t have funding to start that start-up. But what if you find Santa Claus on the way? Why not go on a road trip tomorrow morning?

So what if she’s extremely hot? You are cute too. Ask her for a dance.

3. It makes you more social.

What if he replies to my mail? Calls me for an interview? Agrees to come on a date with me? Replies to my text? Accepts my friend request on Facebook?

You will be more open to talking to people, unlike what you are otherwise. We are all scared to say hello to a stranger, to make new friends, and to ask for help. The possibility of finding someone special never comes to our mind. Whereas, it should. What if she turns out to be your future girlfriend or future employer? You will have some fascinating encounters with people. Some of them could be short-lived, but all of them will be worth the experience.

4. Your life will become a lot less boring.

Adventure will be around the corner. This change in attitude will motivate you to move away from your ordinary life. You will be up for trying that new drink or wearing that funky dress to work. And once you start working on these little things, you’ll realise how far you’ve come from your monotonous life.

5. It makes you challenge yourself. Every day.

You will be stepping out of your comfort zone. You will try new things and welcome newer opportunities. From no-win, you will transcend to win-win situations. If you get this right, you won’t worry about missing the bus. Instead, you will live and love one moment at a time.

6. Bye-bye laziness.

The best part of having a what-if/why-not attitude is that you’re constantly inspired.

What if it’s too hot outside, let’s still go on a drive? Let’s go drinking on a weekday. You will be pushed to leave that bed and step out and breathe.

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