Wednesday , October 21 2020

7 Scientific Reasons You Should Practice Being Silent


Did you know that the Finnish Tourism Board raked in great moolah with a marketing campaign about silence? They tried to entice people with how ‘silent’ Finland was and how it would help them discover themselves. And, it worked!

We cannot move to Finland, but we can, however, practice keeping our mouths shut for two minutes everyday. Here’s how science says it helps.

And it’s about time we listen to science

1. A study found that two minutes of silence can be more relaxing than listening to music


A study in the journal Heart states that being silent has more effect on you than listening to music. The study made a conclusion based on changes in blood pressure and blood circulation in the brain. It is therefore suggested staying silent for a few minutes to get into a state of calm.

2. New brain cells are regenerated because of silence

A study in 2013 published in the journal Brain, Structure and Function studied the effect of silence on the brains of mice. It was discovered that when the mice were exposed to two hours of silence per day they developed new cells in the hippocampus, a region of the brain associated with memory, emotion and learning. The study concluded that silence helps the new generated cells to differentiate into neurons, and integrate into the system, which in simple terms means it can grow our brain.


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