Wednesday , October 21 2020

7 Reasons Why We Need To Vent Out The Built-Up Anger And Sadness


Most introverts choose to hide their problems. They would never try to talk or express their feelings to anyone. This isn’t a healthy practice as sad feelings can build up at over time and can result in an emotional outburst.

Therefore, it is necessary to speak up and share feelings with the people who care for you. Here’s why you must vent out your feelings, be it anger, regret or sadness, rather than keeping it caged inside.

1. Venting helps restore equilibrium


By venting out, you’re releasing the accumulated sadness within. Once it’s released, you’re back to your original happy self and can now think logically.

2. Sharing will motivate you

When someone shows concern and is willing to solve your problem, the gesture makes you feel better. This motivates you to get out of the problem and be a part of solution rather being the issue.

3. Screaming in an open space helps


Try it. It really does help. Screaming out, also known as scream therapy is recommended by psychologists for anger management. Screaming in an open place, especially around trees and greenery in isolation works for many people who have anger-management issues.

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