Wednesday , June 29 2022

7 Confusions People Face In Their Twenties

Twenties! Haven’t we just heard enough about being in our twenties and we’ve all longed to just hit twenty all our life, right? As a kid/ teenager, it’s a dream to grow up. It’s like all you want is to grow up and take your own decisions. Growing up, after all, isn’t all that easy. It’s quite a task, you see and people often become way too confused in their twenties. Everything around takes a different turn and you end up confusing yourself to the core. A few confusions every twenty something faces.

1. Am I Young Or Am I Old?

It’s during your twenties that kids start addressing you as Uncle/ Aunty and deep down, you have the urge to sock them in the face but you obviously can’t do that. You only keep questioning yourself whether you’re old or still young and ready to kill it!

2. Career Choices.

There are way too many options and that’s the whole problem. You might not know what you want and at times, you might but what you want isn’t the same as what your parents want and you don’t want to upset them with your choice. Urrrgh! It’s complicated. Try not complicating things, just follow your heart and go with the flow. Make your dreams come true.

3. Love. Heartbreaks. More Love.

Falling in love and heartbreaks are a common thing is your twenties. Isn’t it? Either you have fallen in love or you are suffering from a major heartbreak.

4. Marriage.

Marriage is another ball game altogether! People around you are talking about you getting married and you’re just wondering what’s wrong with them. The moment you hit your twenties, people start questioning you about marriage and you really have no answers to their questions.

5. Money Issues.

Seeing people around you work and earn and you still having to depend on your folks can be quite frustrating. You may also be earning but not enough, you just want more. Oh! You might also be earning a lot and you might not know what to do with all the money. Irrespective of whichever situation you’re in, you’re confused.

6. Where’s My Life Taking Me?

You have no idea as to where life’s taking you. You try hard to figure out but you only end up confusing yourself further.

7. To Date Or Not To.

Casually dating someone is quite common but the question is whether you should or shouldn’t. You might end up getting all serious about the person you thought you’d casually date.

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