Sunday , November 29 2020

16 Struggles Of A Girl Who Goes Through Too Many Damn Emotions



If there was an award for “Most Emotions Felt in a Day” I would without any competition, win that trophy. I wake up feeling happy and by the time I’ve had my first cup of tea, I’ve felt anger (mostly because of some comment on Facebook), more anger (because husband refuses to make breakfast for me), stress (because I am always 10 minutes late), happiness (because parathas for breakfast), and then anger again (because the milk is over which means no chai). Phew! As someone who goes through too many damn emotions, here’s what a day looks like for our over-emo-tribe.

1. Wake up happy and then spend five minutes trying to figure out why we are so happy.

2. All that over thinking and over analysing leads our brains to one conclusion: life is crappy, do not be happy.

3. A random dog video on Facebook gets us happy again.

4. But also sad because we don’t have a dog.

5. And once the tears start flowing, there is really no stopping them.

6. Deep breath. Repeat.


7. Quickly rush to the bathroom before anyone asks what’s wrong. Because seriously you can’t say that cute dog on your Facebook timeline made you cry.

8. God damn it. The internet is the worst place ever!

9. Oh wait, a Whatsapp forward from a random friend.

10. You are happy because, hey, people like you! But also kind of pissed because he,y who sends a Whatsapp forward in this day and age?

11. Phew! So many emotions, maybe you should consider timing in emotional breaks in your schedule. The 10 minutes of crying in the bathroom does count.

12. Also uncontrollable laughter. That is one of the biggest time wasters in your life.

13. You can literally crack up at anything. That same video that made you cry in the morning can send you on the floor laughing because you just realised that the dog’s name is “Stupid”. Yeah lame jokes, intelligent jokes… it’s all the same.


14. You sometimes feel that people refrain from telling you things. You are way too extreme – you are jumping up and down with joy or you are sobbing uncontrollably.

15. Even when people are nice to you, they are kind of scared because #TooManyEmotions

16. You are exhausted emotionally. Every. Damn. Day.


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