Saturday , August 13 2022

15 Pictures That Perfectly Define The Two Kinds Of People On This Planet

The choices made by us speak volumes about the kind of people we are. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about anything serious here. Everyday things like setting the alarm clock. Some need a set of 6 snoozes in succession. Others get up even before the alarm sounds. In the same vein, people have preferences, and these illustrations, aptly titled ‘ 2 Kinds Of People’ by Joao Rocha, an art director from Lisbon, Portugal, are perfect examples. Time to pick a side, people.

1. Like I mentioned, the wretched alarm clock.

2. The way you dig into a chocolate bar.

3. The way you read.

4. The way you cut your bread in half.

5. Some people just can’t stand the notification bubble. Can be put in the OCD bucket.

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