Friday , June 9 2023

11 Things You Need To Add To Your Bucket List Right Away

Stop cribbing about the soaring temperatures, and leave that air conditioner alone for some time. Don’t let the heat bring you down. Remind yourself of your childhood when summer vacations used to be the best time of the year. Step out and make the most of this season. Here are 11 things that will help you start.

1. Enroll yourself for a cocktail-making workshop.

Summer is the best time to experiment with new drinks and cocktail classes are just what you need. You could also look for recipes online. There are several drinks you can make with watermelon, mango and other fruits that are available in the market. Let this season be about making yourself a drink.

2. Paint your bedroom again.

Paint one wall of your room and try using colours such as orange, yellow and red. Rearrange the entire place. Buy new bed sheets, get a new book shelf, get rid of some old stuff and buy something new for your room. Studies have suggested that activities involving cleaning make you happier. So add this to your bucket list for the sake of positivity.

3. Gardening.

Gardening is a very relaxing hobby. Plus, spending some time outdoors and interacting with nature is good for creative stimulation. Try growing some vegetables or fruits in your garden.

4. Organise a family dance party.

This should be on top priority. You have no idea how exciting this party could be for your family. Invite everyone from your grandparents to the youngest person in your family and make a special playlist so that no one feels out of place. Add Kishore Kumar, Daler Mehndi and every singer you can think of. This is the recipe to one of your most memorable evenings ever!

5. Try your hand at origami.

This takes you right back to childhood or art classes at school. Trust me, making boats, airplanes and butterflies would be like meeting your younger self again.

6. Have a board game night.

You can have one with friends and one with family. Definitely another fun experience.

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