Thursday , September 28 2023

11 Signs That You Are Stuck In The Wrong Job

Work is taxing and the only way to get through it is to genuinely enjoy what you do. But what happens when your job is like a loveless marriage that’s going nowhere and gradually turns your life into a living nightmare? Here are some signs that you’re stuck in the wrong job and it’s slowly eating away your very soul.

1. You take keen interest in something that’s got nothing to do with your job.

You do HTML coding but for some reason you take a deeper interest in the content of the website. This is just an example. You may also be a doctor who gives better relationship advice than medical expertise.

2. Your browser has shortcuts and links to several job seeking websites saved in its history.

Naukri, Monster, LinkedIn, you name it! You have been applying left, right, and centre as well as scavenger hunting for opportunities elsewhere in a field that you think is better suited to you. The grass is always greener, but in your case, you are sitting in a desert.

3. Demotivated by work, your surroundings make you sick including the coffee.

The office is now a dungeon and your boss is the prison guard who tightens your shackles day by day. It’s nauseating inside and you’re suffocating. The dim lights on the ceiling make you feel like you’re in a court room ready to be sentenced to death. Imagining much? Nope, you see it in your nightmares too.

4. When’s lunch time? You guys wanna go for lunch?

It’s 10 AM and the 3 hours to lunch time just don’t seem to go any faster. Your boredom makes you hungry and you’re already pestering your colleagues about when they want to eat lunch.

5. Your breaks are very frequent.

Just get me away from that table and bay, it’s depressing! This is the war that’s raging through your head, and so you make do by taking breaks very frequently. You need oxygen and you head outside to get away from it all. Too bad you have to go back up.

6. You can’t wait to go home.

You’re always waiting for the clock to strike 06.30 as you promptly start packing up your stuff. Your only hindrance, your boss, and the guilt that he’s judging you for leaving “early” and the ominous feeling that he’s going to hold you back because you’ve not done something that he’s asked you to do.

7. Getting up and getting ready for work is one of the biggest struggles of the day.

You are so tempted to just call in sick but you know you have done that very often. Tossing and turning in bed is what ensues until you realise you’re going to be late and that you can’t afford to have your salary slashed for absenteeism. You need to save up for that awesome new phone.

8. The arrival of the weekend gives you momentary relief.

Who doesn’t look forward to the weekend? But in your case, it’s a temporary feeling of being set free. Sunday evenings are the most depressing. You feel like a kid who doesn’t want to go back to boarding school.

9. Time to update that CV.

You have done it since you got your first job and now you find yourself doing it more often. Heck you didn’t know where it was until you typed it out in the search bar of your computer. But what skills have you gained since starting work? Hmm time to knead your imagination and make senseless bullshit look flowery and sophisticated.

10. Speaking of kneading your imagination, you think of where you would end up if you had actually followed your dreams.

If only we could go back into the past and undo what has already been done. *Sighs*

11. You’ve been thinking about taking classes to learn new skills.

A great way to further your career or a chance to leave your job and work towards something you really want to do.

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