Wednesday , January 20 2021

11 Habits That Are Actually Bad But Better For Something

5. Chewing gum

Several studies have shown that chewing on a gum has its own advantages. One study suggested that people who loved chewing gum fared better on an intelligence test than those who didn’t. Another study claimed that chewing gum improves stress levels and uplifts the mood. So, chew your way to a smarter you.

6. Losing your temper

Staying calm and composed even when there’s a storm brewing inside you may not be a healthy option. You can’t always manage your emotions and keep your temper in check. It’s okay to let go and vent occasionally. Holding it all in can do real damage when the anger explodes without warning. Don’t bottle it up – free your psyche of all the negatives, but find a way to do so without hurting the people around you.

7. Fidgeting

Some people just can’t sit still. They either shake their legs to the point of breaking them or drum their fingers in a ceaseless rhythm. Don’t give these peeps the stink eye yet. Studies have shown that people who wiggle and jiggle are known to be fitter than those who don’t.

8. Messiness

Don’t clear the piles of papers strewn across your desk just yet. Keeping your desk messy can be a sign of productivity. As a disorganized person, you are most likely to chase after order elsewhere – in your work, at home, in life. Research shows that messiness can prompt people to be goal-oriented in other spheres of their life that are worth more than keeping a desk clean.

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