Sunday , July 3 2022

11 Confessions Highly Sensitive Individuals Want You To Know

We’re the empaths of this word, Those individuals that feel things ever so deeply. Those individuals that lend out a helping hand to their tightly knit circle of friends or a helpless stranger on the road, It’s what we would do in a heartbeat since compassion runs through our veins.

We connect the dots to thing easily, we’re moved easily and we definitely feel things deeper than the average human being.

It may take some patience to understand us for who we truly are. We’re a little different yet, we’re just like anybody else.

1. We do not appreciate when we’re asked to not take things so seriously.

Being highly sensitive is our personality type. It’s something we’re born with, it’s what we know.

It’s not like a light bulb of emotions that can be switched on and off. So when we’re told to change who and what we are, or perhaps think or act differently, it’s frankly quite annoying and falls on deaf ears. With good reason, of course.

2. We’re well aware of our surroundings and pick our friends wisely.

We tend to pick up on the energies of others better than the average human being. This comes in handy, as it helps us pick the right set of friends.

More often than not, a highly sensitive individual won’t have room for those portraying negative energy. Our friendships are built on solid grounds with pleasantly and genuinely good human beings.

3. We’re problem solvers, healers and good listeners.

If there’s a confidential issue brought up to us, we have the ability to listen patiently and then put ourselves in the other person’s shoes (literally), analyse the crap out of everything and in return provide some genuinely golden feedback on how to go about things.

This often saves our loved ones from making careless or impulsive decisions.

4. We can’t be fake. Our facial expressions just wouldn’t let us.

Sometimes we try hard not to let a particular someone know that they’ve pushed our buttons, pissed us off or perhaps hurt our feelings. However, our facial expressions with every passing moment that goes by is unfortunately, the ultimate giveaway.

5. We experience love in an incredibly powerful way.

As we all know, falling in love is a beautiful feeling, most certainly for everyone. However, for a highly sensitive individual, every emotion we feel is magnified, happiness, sadness, love, sorrow and everything in between.

So when we fall in love, all those amazing tingly feelings and that rush of ecstatic energy is multiplied tenfold. We give love with all that we’ve got and therefore we expect consistency back in return.

6. Chances are we know when you’re lying to us.

Many highly sensitive individuals are empaths. What this means is, It’s easy for us to pick up on the vibrations of others. If someone else is tensed, we feel it too. We also trust our gut instinct.

So when it comes to lying, we sometimes might play along and not necessarily let the other person know that we have them figured out.

7. Sometimes we retreat in hopes for some alone time.

We’re all living a fast-paced life in a fast-paced world. We work hard, we party harder and then, balance quality time with our loved ones In between. Sometimes, all this and more can be overwhelming for highly sensitive people.

This doesn’t mean we need to pack our bags and head off to an exotic location, it simply includes taking our space from the hustle and bustle of life as we know it, as we quietly enjoy a momentary breather in the comfort of our own company.

8. Do not confuse our sensitivity as weakness.

There’s this preconceived notion that showing vulnerability, feeling and being affected by things deeply and displaying our emotions openly are weak characteristics for an individual to posses.

People fail to realise that having our senses and emotions heightened, being empathetic to those around us and letting others see our raw and deep side, is in fact strength in its truest form.

9. Truth be told, we’re either all in or not in it at all.

Highly sensitive individuals never do things or feel things half-heartedly. There’s no in between. It’s either black or white for us, there are no shades of grey.

So if we’re committed to a friendship or relationship, we’ll give our hundred percent to it. However, if we happen to back out, it’s usually only caused by something detrimental that tarnished what once was.

10. We believe in open communication as the means to solve conflicts.

Words are our form of therapy. In order to solve a problem in a rather healthy manner, we much rather speak our mind and have others speak their mind to us instead of tuning off or being vague and distant. We like to clear the air.

So if the other person chooses to just switch off, or start a cold war, more often than not it leaves us anxious and upset.

11. Last but not least, we care beyond reason and empathize beyond limits.

We’d love to call this our superpower. We might be a handful to handle sometimes, but we believe our love and our ability to empathise with others is exactly what this world needs more of.

We’re just like anybody else. It’s just that we see this world in a more vivid manner.

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