Tuesday , January 18 2022

10 Things Every Adult Needs To Learn From Children

It might come as a surprise but kids are unusually perceptive and smart about worldly things, if you really, really think about it. Don’t believe us? Take a look at 11 things you, as a fully functioning, capable adult, could learn from kids.

1. It’s really okay to cry.

As we grow up, we find it extremely difficult to vent our emotions. We feel scared to cry or openly express things and feelings that hurt us. Sadly, that’s not how it should be. On the other hand, children are all out there with their emotions. They’ll let us know when they are low, sad or angry. And it’d be a really good idea if we incorporated that in our lifestyle.

2. Forget everything and play together.

Yesterday was katti and today is abba. It’s that simple for kids. Conversely, for adults it becomes this never ending saga of ego. Children don’t make their tiffs last for ages, and neither should we.

3. Asking questions without wondering if they are silly or not.

We become so conscious as we grow up that we begin to over-analyse things. We think 100 times before asking a question. Wouldn’t it be great, if, just like kids, we could do whatever we want and not feel scared about becoming a joke?

4. Not making a fuss about saying ‘sorry’.

Kids are quite sensitive at heart and they are quick to understand when they are wrong. They become teary eyed in no time and don’t think twice before uttering ‘sorry’. What about us? We take forever to apologise, if at all.

5. Not taking scars so seriously.

No matter how badly kids hurt themselves, they always return to their game. Bruises or no bruises, the game always goes on.

6. Paying attention to the little things in life

It’s amazing how kids can find interest in the smallest things. They can spend an entire day staring at a leaf or just playing with water droplets or a paper plane. Everything and anything can amuse them. Growing up takes us closer to material things like bigger pay checks and fancy cars. We forget that little things can make us happy too.

7. How not to judge.

This is the most important thing we should learn from kids. They are not prejudiced, racist, sexist, opinionated or anything of the sort. They don’t care at all. If they like you, they like you the way you are. Ring a bell? =

8. Failure is not an option, only determination is.

Kids fall down endless times and they learn to pick themselves up. And all they do is get up again, again and again. That determination is something we should hold on to for the rest of our lives. We’ll fall and we’ll fail, but we shouldn’t give up on ourselves.

9. Being the hero of our own story.

Whenever a child narrates an anecdote, it is always in first person and they themselves are the hero. Some people might perceive this as living in a fantasy, but isn’t it a great way to inspire yourself? Grown ups like ourselves are pros at pulling ourselves down. We really are.

10. Being happy for no reason.

Kids smile for no reason. They’ll laugh out loud if you carry them and play with them. As for adults, laugh-less days are far too common, and people actually sign up for things like the 100 Happy Days Challenge, that encourage one to make a conscious effort to be happy. What kind of a life are we leading? Ask yourself.

11. Being spontaneous

Kids don’t have a filter or a guard; they are completely in-your-face. They will call you bad if they don’t like you and they’ll give you a peck on your cheeks if they are fond of you. They don’t think before they act and that’s good in a way. On the other hand, we think too much and act too less.

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