Tuesday , September 27 2022

10 Kinds Of People You Will Inevitably Meet In College

So the cutoffs are out, the entrance test results have been declared and you’ve received your ranks. Now it’s time for you to enter into the most beautiful, happening and fun-filled phase of your life i.e. college. And the one thing that makes any phase of your life is the company in it. There will be a bunch of people you will meet and here’s a snapshot of what they might be like.

1. The bullies.

Right from the moment you enter campus, they will make you realise that you have entered their territory. So following their rules would be in your best interest, since even the canteen guy fears them and gives them free food.

2. The loyal squires.

These people will never tolerate anything against their so called godfathers. They will always make sure nobody utters a word against them. Their biggest dream is to carry forward the legacy of bhaigiri in college.

3. The chatterboxes.

Each time you commit the sin of saying ‘Hello’, they will make you pay by holding you in conversation for the next 20 minutes. Do you know what the worst part is? You can’t get rid of them till they finish what talking.

4. The unhealthy opportunists.

You can easily spot such girls with their short skirts, high heels, mirror sunglasses and coloured hair. Almost everyone in your college will be mad about them. But this is a ploy for your notes. End of story.

5. The fitness freaks.

The guys with 16 ka dola and 46 ki chaati. They will be the most well dressed people in college, and are every girl’s dream come true.

6. The court jesters.

The biggest pranksters in your college who could actually make your life hell by getting you in trouble with their pranks. Creating fake Facebook profiles, making prank calls with your name are just mild examples. They can do far worse so watch out.

7. The bookworms.

If you ever encounter a problem regarding your studies, you can always rely on them for your rescue.

8. The notorious backbenchers.

These guys believe they have a different world altogether behind everyone else, at the back of the classroom. You can never convince them to sit in front with you.

9. The dreamers.

There are people who will be found mostly sleeping. They will set up the stage to show that they are the most hard-working folk in the whole world. But behind that tall book, there is soul deep in slumber.

10. The haters.

These are the worst of the lot. All those rumours about you are the work of these idle minds. So steer clear, because you’ve been warned.

Although most people barely study in college, it is one of the most educative environments we’ll ever be in. Learn all you can by looking around, and keep an eye out for trouble. But all in all, live your college life to the fullest and cherish each and every moment.

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