Friday , July 1 2022

These Kids Have The Most Hilarious Ambitions

The Hilarious Ambitions of Young Children

You can always rely upon children to say the funniest things, and here’s more proof! These kids were asked to share their ambitions and wishes. Their responses were brilliant, sometimes bordering on genius!

1. What little Albert lacks in ambition, he makes up for with honesty.

2. Some people just want to be exactly their best friend…

3.This child refuses to follow modern dietary plans.

4. Ambition comes at a high prices these days…

5. Why not just get right to the point?

6. This wannabe Bond villain displays high ambition, albeit in a fairly sinister way!

7. This fashion conscious hat lover has slightly less lofty dreams!

8. It must have been an awkward moment when this class were told that only one could be Batman.

9. That escalated quickly…

10. The child who just wanted to dress up as a table for Halloween.

11. Mexican heaven on Earth.

12. This child may have had a row with her mother in the morning.

13. This child is not afraid of any bearded, red coat wearing magical men.

14. Get rid of war, then we will deal with slightly annoying pop stars.

15. This kid is pretty sure that Santa has the internet, and access to Amazon

16. Some things money can’t buy?

17. I’m not sure what this little girl’s favorite TV program is…

18. Graham isn’t expecting to live to a ripe old age, but he’s not going to let that stop him.

19. The sweet child who just wants to follow in Mom’s footsteps…

20. If you are going to enjoy your world’s supply of pizza, you need to make sure that those pesky dinosaurs don’t spoil the moment…

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