Sunday , November 29 2020

Mom Had A Touching Photoshoot Of Her Newborn Twins Who Didn’t Have Much Time Left



Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger from Toledo, Ohio, had been trying to have a baby for years, and their wish finally came true on December 17th 2016 when Lyndsay gave birth to twins William and Reagan.

Sadly however, William was born with various abnormalities and only the right side of his heart was functioning. At their 23rd week of pregnancy, the Brentlingers were told that their son would be a still-born, but he survived the birth and remained with his new family for 11 days before tragically passing away. “They were the happiest 11 days of my life,” said Matthew.

To make the most of their short time together, a friend of the family got in touch with Lindsey Brown, a professional photographer, who agreed to do a touching photoshoot of William and his twin sister just before Christmas. “Pictures are just memories,” said Brown. “I know how much people cherish them, so I was really glad I was able to do that for them.” And as you can see, while William is no longer with us, he’ll live on forever in these beautiful pictures with his parents and twin sister.

“I cried the first time I looked at them. I still cry sometimes,” said Lyndsay. “They are beautiful and he is beautiful. In some of them, you can see he is wide awake with his big beautiful eyes. It’s something we will definitely cherish.”


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