Friday , June 9 2023

I Capture Magical Winter Of My Children To Immortalize The Nostalgia Of Holiday Season

On those short winter days when the roads are covered in snow, I take photos of my kids and their cousins to preserve the magic of this wonderful season. Both indoors and outdoors, during short days and long winter evenings, I capture the feeling of anticipation and nostalgia. With those photos I try to recall the feelings I used to have in my heart when I was a child and try to make others remember the magic of Christmas too.

My models are my two sons and my two nieces. My inspiration for those photos are animated movies, story books for children and life – watching kids as they play and memories from my own childhood. Although I take photos all year winter time has a special place in my heart with its special kind of magic.

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The secret path to the land of dremas


Under the moonlight

On the way to the land of dreams

Light up with stars


Waiting for Santa

One wintry night

First snow


Waiting for Christmas

Snowy day

Nighty night!

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