Tuesday , July 5 2022

Heartwarming Photos Of Kids Playing With Their Cats

Cats are cute. Kids are cute. But when cats and kids get together to play, they are cuter than the sum of their parts. These photos that we collected (and, hopefully, the ones that you guys will submit as well) of children playing with cats are a perfect storm of cuteness.
Playing is important for both the cat’s development and the child’s, but it’s often good to supervise them – for both the child’s and the cat’s sake. Cats are used to playing with their claws and teeth bared. This may not be a problem when a kitten does it, but if not dissuaded, this behavior can continue into adulthood, when it becomes dangerous. Children, for their part, can often get excited and underestimate their own strength, either hurting the cat or provoking it to defend itself.

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