Sunday , December 4 2022

Cute Rescue Puppy Is The Best Sleeping Buddy To Our 8-Month-Old Son

We got our girl Nora, an English Pointer, from a rescue shelter seven years ago prior to having kids. Despite having come from an abusive situation her sweet and gentle nature shone through and we knew with certainty she would be a wonderful family dog when the time came. She absolutely did not disappoint!

We now have three kids, three rescue dogs, and three rescue cats and Nora gets along famously with all of them, particularly our youngest son, eight-month-old Archie.

Nora and Archie have such a strong bond that I recently began photographing their daily exploits, notably their supervised communal naps, and posting them to my Instagram account to show what amazing pets most rescue animals are and to encourage others to consider giving them a chance at love, too.

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