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40 Compliments Every Child Should Hear

40 Compliments Every Child Should Hear

A large part of our childhood memories are connected to small but important moments we remember for many years to come. Not because of what occurred but because of how we felt. Some made us angry or lonely, while others made us hopeful, made us laugh and feel optimistic.

Compliments and simple words of encouragement have a lasting effect on the way our children and grandchildren will see the world. Some of the simplest and shortest words can make them feel better about themselves and continue to encourage them through hard times as well.

Below are 40 compliments and encouragements every child or grandchild needs to hear. They are simple to say, but will stay with them for years, we promise!

1. You make me proud every day.
2. Your ideas are wonderful.
3. I’m happy I’m your parent/grandparent.
4. You don’t need to be perfect to be a terrific person.
5. It’s important to me to hear what you think about this.
6. I believe you

7. I believe in your abilities.
8. Our family wouldn’t be the same without you.
9. I know you did the best you could.
10. I accept you for who you are.
11. Even if you didn’t succeed, your method was correct.
12. You help me a lot.

13. You made me happy today.
14. I love how creative you are.
15. It’s fun to be with you.
16. Your ideas are great, never fear speaking them out loud.
17. You can make a positive change in anything you choose to do.
18. I can’t wait for the moment we’ll be together.

19. I’m very interested in your stories.
20. I love seeing the world through your eyes.
21. Never stop being this curious.
22. I admire your ability to make your own decisions.
23. That was a great question!
24. Your friends are lucky to know you.

25. That was a smart choice.
26. It makes me happy to see you happy.
27. Being your parent is my favorite job.
28. I’m learning new things from you every day.
29. You make me a better person.
30. I’m happy to have you here beside me.

31. I understand you, even if I don’t agree with you.
32. I feel like you’re becoming more mature every day.
33. That was very brave of you.
34. The way you asked for forgiveness made me realize how mature you are.
35. I’m proud of you for understanding you were wrong.
36. I knew you could do it.

37. I’m so happy you’ve decided to try again.
38. It’s always important to me to listen to you.
39. Your existence fills my heart.
40. Remember, I’ll never stop loving you!

Remember: Like everything else in life, it’s important to know when and how to say these words. We also have to remember to say them, instead of just believing the child knows it already. These sayings are just suggestions, but they can help your children and grandchildren understand exactly what you are thinking and feeling, help them face challenges as well as improve your relationship with them.

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