Sunday , October 25 2020

18 Times When Dads Were Naughtier Than Their Kids


Moms don’t pull pranks on their kids. However, when it comes to Dads, they always want to have some fun at their kids’ expense. Tell a dad to babysit and he would find hilarious ways to make it a fun time. Here are 18 troll dads who made sure their babies don’t have a boring time.

1. This Dad who gave his baby a six pack!


2. And this dad, who turned his baby into a biker baby

3. Poor girl!

4. Full marks to this creative dad!

5. But you can’t escape from daddy’s grip

6. Hail Baby Hitler!


7. This dad who thought of this wonderful idea of taking his kids for a stroll

8. Who would’ve thunk?

9. ‘Daddy, please let me go!’

10. First prize guaranteed at a Fancy Dress Competition

11. SMH!

12. Ouch!

13. Doesn’t this baby look like Goomba from Super Mario Bros?


14. This is one mean Dad!

15. Tsk..tsk

16. This is too cute a prank!

17. At the sight of which the girl’s mom would totally facepalm

18. A baby kangaroo!


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