Tuesday , September 27 2022

9 Myths About Alcohol That Couldn’t Be Farther From The Truth

They say the best relationships are based on truth. Well, if you feel the same way we do about alcohol, it’s time you got your facts right. The truth shall set you free! Or, you know, just prevent you from getting too drunk.

1. Myth: Eating before you drink can prevent you from getting drunk.

Alcohol is absorbed through the lining of your stomach, so filling your stomach with food can slow down the rate at which alcohol is absorbed, but not prevent it. In any case, your stomach empties out eventually, after which the alcohol is absorbed much faster.

2. Myth: There’s no harm in drinking now and then.

One drink per day for women and two drinks for men is the recommended limit. You may think that you’re safe if you don’t drink during the week but binge on the weekends, but binge drinking takes a severe toll on your health.

3. Myth: You’ll sleep better after drinking.

Alcohol may make it easier for you to fall asleep, but it affects sleep quality and duration, preventing you from feeling rested the next day.

4. Myth: Some people have a higher tolerance, so they can drink more.

People assume that they have a higher tolerance because they can drink a lot of alcohol without feeling the effects. What this actually means is that their bodies are not giving them the usual cues that indicate that they’ve had too much to drink, thereby putting them at a disadvantage.

5. Myth: Mixing alcohol with energy drinks makes you more intoxicated.

Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine, which gives you an energy rush, but they don’t affect your level of intoxication. The reason why you should avoid mixing them with your drinks is because they prevent you from realising how drunk or tired you are, causing you to push yourself past your limits.

6. Myth: Puking helps you sober up and prevents hangovers.

Alcohol starts getting absorbed into your bloodstream almost immediately after you start drinking, and by the time you’re puking there’s enough of it buzzing around your system to guarantee a hangover. Getting rid of the little bit that hasn’t been absorbed will prevent it from making the hangover worse, but won’t prevent the hangover altogether.

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