Friday , July 1 2022

11 Clever Ways To Read A Stranger’s Mind

Humans are masters of deception. They are never likely to do what they are supposed to do. They will say one thing and then do something absolutely opposite. On being asked about what my super power would be, I’d definitely ask for the ability to know a person above anything.

To be able to know who they really are and understand how they perceive things would be a hell of a blessing. Here are some quick tips and questions to ask to help you in knowing someone in the first five minutes:

1. The theory of handshake

A person with a loose handshake lacks confidence & self-esteem. Not too firm and not too loose. Just the right.

2. Verification of a lesser known fact, especially the one they provide you

If you find them doing a lot of “amm and hmm”, it is time for you to know that they make up stuff. This shows that they are taking time and they aren’t really sure about what they said. They might be just making stuff up to build a conversation and may come across as someone who are not reliable.

3. Something about their passion

Many people merely brag about their passions, even though they are hardly seen pursuing them. Do you want to know how sincere the other person it? Ask them thoroughly about their passion.

4. Ask them about how different their life has been from what they thought it would be

In not less than 5 minutes, you will have your answer

5. What have you been thinking about lately?

This question might bring out surprising results. They may tell you what they think about the recent atrocities or something completely off the track or maybe nothing at all. In any case, enough for you to comprehend.

6. If I really knew you, what would I know about you?

The response may baffle you, seriously. You can have people tell you absolutely nothing and also something aesthetically thoughtful about them.

7. One thing in their life they are extremely content with

Their answers may be simple, but its simplicity entails a variety of meanings. This will make them tell you things that you don’t really expect. What makes them happy is a genuinely underrated question to know about someone.

8. What’s your thing that you don’t get to tell enough?

People might actually wonder upon this one. They will take longer than usual. This is something people don’t really think of on a normal day. What may come as an answer is worth knowing?

9. What do they care about besides work?

Surprisingly effective and absolutely something that people aren’t ready to answer. This will fetch brilliant insights about their life. Friends, family, environment, passion, love, life, kids etc..You’ll get to know how they perceive things.

10. How they treat their inferiors, not equals

The most common, well observed and highly recommended way to deeply know someone. This is one of the easiest of all and quite helpful too. You wouldn’t have to spend more than a moment to know how they really are.

11. Take this awesome Oliver Emberton test

Imagine a desert, as far as your eyes can see and this desert has a cube in it. Now describe this cube; its size, placement and dimensions. Now amidst that scene, you see a ladder. Describe everything about the ladder too. This entire picture will now have a horse too. Just like everything else, describe this too. Be thorough. The last thing in this scene is flowers. Explain their placement, type, distance and its relation to everything else.

The last thing that you will encounter is a storm. Think about a detailed description of the storm too. Once you are done imagining, let me help you in opening the relevance of this quiz.

The cube is yourself.

The size is ostensibly your ego: a large cube means you’re pretty sure of yourself, a small cube less so.

The vertical placement of the cube is how grounded you are. Resting on the sand? You’re probably pretty down to earth. Floating in the sky? Your head is in the clouds.

The cube’s material conveys how open you are: transparent cubes belong to transparent people, opaque cubes are more protective of their minds. Glowing? You’re likely a positive person, who aims to raise the spirits of others. Made of granite? You’re likely protective and resilient.

The trick here is that when asked to describe a blank, abstract entity – a cube – your imagination will tend to project its own identity onto it. This trick is as old as time, but it’s about to get more interesting.

The ladder represents your friends.

Are your friends leaning on the cube? Your friends depend on you, and are close. Is the ladder frail, or robust? Tall or short? Does it lead inside the cube? Or is it cast to one side, lying unloved on the sand? By now you should be able to draw your own conclusions.

The horse represents your dream partner.

The type of horse reveals a lot about what you yearn for in a partner. Some people see a steady brown workhorse, others a shining pegasus or unicorn. Make of these people what you will.

Is your horse nuzzling your cube affectionately, or taking a bite out of it? Is it far from your cube, or walking away? This can represent a current partner, or an aspirational one, but the results are often a mix of touching and hilarious.

The flowers represent children.

The number of flowers relates to how many you imagine having. Some people see just a single, withered daisy; others a resplendent garden covering the cube and desert beneath. (Guys: watch out for those).

The colour and vitality of the flowers can speak to their health and presumed prosperity. The placement – particularly in relation to the cube – can reveal interesting relations; I met one woman whose horse was eating their flowers.

Finally, the storm represents threat.

This speaks to the current state of the person, and how they perceive risk in their life. Some may see a distant storm, on the lip of the horizon, fading from sight. Others may view themselves in the midst of a thunderous apocalypse, hailstones the size of tennis balls pelting their fragile cube and horse. Chances are those people have some immediate trauma in their life.

Sometimes you have to know someone really well to realize that they weren’t strangers.

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