Tuesday , September 27 2022

15 Things You’re Doing That Are Ruining Your Health

Looking after one’s health is of prime importance. But sadly, we’re so caught up in our daily lives that we tend to ignore something as important as our own bodies. On World Health Day, take a look at what all you’re doing wrong.

1. You’re glued to your office desk for long hours.

You need to get up from your seat to take short breaks.

2. You take the elevator instead of climbing the stairs.

The least you can do is climb the stairs to work.

3. You eat at your desk.

You don’t move to eat your lunch, and instead you eat at your desk. Part of your increasing waistline problems.

4. You choose outside food for lunch over ghar ka khana.

Ordering outside food everyday is very unhealthy.

5. You don’t drink enough water.

If you don’t finish your water bottle, you’re in danger!

6. You over-think.

Over-thinking leads to anxiety attacks and depression. Therefore, don’t worry, be happy.

7. You don’t get enough sunshine.

Vitamin D is absolutely necessary for your body. Step out in the sun more often!

8. You sleep with your make-up on.

Sleeping with your make-up on leads to skin diseases.

9. You don’t have a hobby.

Engaging in a hobby can make for some great improvement in your health.

10. You wear headphones for really long hours.

Keeping headphones on for a longer duration can cause hearing loss and vertigo.

11. You don’t take breaks.

Did you know travel can lower your risk of heart disease? Start booking!

12. You commute for long hours.

A longer commute leads to fatigue and exhaustion.

13. You smoke.

Or you’re constantly around someone who smokes. Kick the butt!

14. You sleep very late.

Your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep everyday.

15. You don’t include fruits in your diet.

Fruits have great health benefits, therefore you must include them in your diet.

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