Friday , August 12 2022

Various Hilarious Supermarket Failures

Most people don’t really pay much attention to what’s surrounding them when shopping at a supermarket. They just come in, grab what they need, and check out. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but next time when you go grocery shopping, we recommend trying to take a look around… Why? Because even a misspelled or misplaced sign could make your day a whole lot better! Take a look at Bored Panda’s list of hilarious supermarket fails below and you’ll see what I mean. Feel free to add your own photos if you’ve seen any similar supermarket fails lately!
Unexpected signs aren’t always fails, though. Sometimes they’re actually intended and part of a marketing plan. Click here to check out some clever guerilla marketing ideas by store owners who use their heads instead of money.

1 Back To School? Just What I Need!

2 Happy Valentine’s Day To All The Single Ladies

3 Basically Unbelievable

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