Sunday , April 5 2020

Few Things All Sisters Do On Social Media


2. Refer To Each Other As “Sissy”

DEFINITELY would have taken this to the grave if it weren’t for social media.

3. Call Each Other “Twin” Or “Twinsie,” Even If You’re Not Actually Twins


I’m a triplet so I can get away with this, but I’ve got my eye on the rest of you.

4. Post Totally Random Inside Jokes You Had From When You Were Little

Nobody else understands, and neither of you can really remember how that joke came about, but somehow it stuck all these years later.

5. Embarrass Each Other

“Remember that time you got you head stuck in the monkey bars in kindergarten?” is something you could have easily texted your sister, but it’s so much more fun to write it on her wall where everyone can see.

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