Tuesday , September 26 2023

12 Things Indians Do To Save Every Last Rupee

We Indians love to save. Whether it’s buying goodies on discount or driving an extra mile to get a 5 percent off at the local grocer’s sale, we think about saving each penny. While some of it does make sense, some of it is downright funny!

1. Order soups 1 by 2.

We get more quantity that way.

2. Wait for the end of the sale season to go shopping.

Because the 70 percent off sales begin towards the end on remaining stock.

3. Google ‘discount coupons’ before purchasing anything online.

And never, ever buy anything from sites that charge for shipping.

4. ‘Ek ke saath ek muft muft muft’ is our most beloved mantra.

We are suckers for discounts. The only grudge is “Why don’t they ever offer ‘Buy 1 Get 2’?!”

5. Pour water in shampoo bottles/body wash bottles towards the end to make them last longer.

Plus squeeze the death out of that toothpaste tube. Then roll out the tube with a rolling pin and when that fails too, cut the bottom part of the tube and take the remaining paste.

6. Ask for free sukha puri/bread slice after eating chaat/sandwich.

It is our birthright!

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