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9 German Bakeries You Have To Visit In India At Least Once In Your Life

“What’s in a name?”, said William Shakespeare. A lot apparently, if you own a bakery and name it German Bakery. The name ‘German Bakery’ has become a brand in itself, which is why you will find a lot of food joints christened German Bakery at various places in India.

According to an article in The Hindu, the first German Bakery was set up in 1985 at Anjuna beach in Goa by a German named Klaus Goodzet and Ram Gopal Karkee. Later, they set up India’s second German Bakery at Koregaon Park, near Osho Ashram, Pune. That was the last branch of German Bakery – they never expanded their operations to any other city. Hence the fact that the various German Bakery outlets in India are not even remotely related to each other.
But don’t get disheartened. Even if they aren’t related to each other, all the German Bakery outlets in India are standouts in their own way and live up to the name created by the first two German Bakeries. Take a look at 9 of the best German bakeries in India.

1. German Bakery, Anjuna, Goa

This German Bakery is also known as the original German Bakery as it was the first German bakery in India. It is a must-visit if you are in Goa and globetrotters swear by it. Tucked away in a secluded corner of Anjuna, German Bakery, Goa, is a quintessential example of Goa’s susegad hippie culture.

Surrounded by trees, this place is like a secret garden offering organically grown food and fresh juices. It’s also popular for live music and performance art, especially on Wednesdays.

Must haves: The pasta with prawns, Penne Alla Tirisina in seafood tomato and Avocado Prawn Pasta Cocktail, “Black Forest cherry-torte” aka German Black Forest cake. avocado sandwich teamed up with tiramisu and lemon cheese cake

Word of caution for first time visitors: Try not to rely on Google maps to find this place, It’s better you ask the locals for the address. (Like we said, ‘secret garden’)

2. German Bakery, Pune

Located in the plush neighborhood of Koregaon Park near Osho gardens, German Bakery Pune left its infamous blast incident far behind and came out in an all new avatar in 2013. The management of the bakery changed from the previous owner to Mr. Kunal Udane. “For me, just starting the bakery again after the blast was the main aim,” says Udane. He has also opened new branches of the bakery at Law College Road and Lonavala. This place is a common hangout for students due to a lot of colleges in the area including Film and Television Institute of India.

Must haves: Fish and chips, kheema pav

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