Friday , June 9 2023

6 Cooking Methods That Are Probably Turning Your Food Toxic

No doubt eating healthy is important, but how you cook your food also matters. Certain ways of cooking can also damage the nutrients and proteins in the food thereby creating toxins in your food. To make things simpler, here’s a list of the hazardous cooking methods that you should avoid.

1. Simmered

Simmering meat for hours is not a very good idea, though for vegetables you can do as long as you don’t overcook them.

2. Lightly grilled

The best way to grill your meat is on a medium range and not on high. This helps to reduce the formation of toxins caused by charring meat while still giving your meat that wonderful texture and flavour.

3. Slow cooking

Slow cooking does bring out the flavour in food but it has few downsides as well. Long and slow cooking break downs the collagen. The best way to cook is to keep the food tightly covered and add lot of spices to it if you are planning to simmer something for long.

4. Barbecued

Barbecuing the meat and vegetables does make them taste good, but has few issues as well. When the fats hit the coals, they form cancer and inflammation-causing agents. Also most barbecue sauces have hidden sugar and MSG too which can be carcinogenic when heated.

5. Deep-fried

Deep-frying is one of the worst ways to cook your food, as it slathers your food in oxidized fats and glycated sugars. The high temperatures used during deep-frying make a number of toxic compounds that might increase the risk of cancer.

6. Microwaved

Microwaved food is extremely dangerous to consume. According to a study, microwaves cause changes in HDL, LDL, and white blood cells. Microwave ovens also tend to generate high amounts of electromagnetic fields in your kitchen.

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