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16 Foods We Crave For In The Dead Of The Night

It’s that time of the night again. It’s way past your bed time and it’s been hours since you had dinner. You’re up because you have been watching back-to-back episodes of your favourite TV show, a movie marathon of a popular book series and god knows what else that isn’t putting you in the mood for some well-deserved shut eye.
Irrespective of what we do at such ungodly hours, there’s one thing we all have in common – cravings for food. Not just any food, but delicious food! We’ve faced that classic scenario where we walk up to the fridge and stand at the glow of the open door, deciphering what’s palatable for a midnight munchathon. It’s at times like these that we wish we had a genie who could magically make all those goodies appear.

So what would you ask from your snack resurrecting genie? This is what most of us would like.

1. Pizza

Hot, cheesy, greasy and oozing with the toppings of your choice, whether it’s pepperoni, chicken tikka masala or a humble margarita. Pizza is by far the most popular choice for the graveyard shift meal. It’s the perfect companion for visual stimulation i.e. movies, cricket/football matches, you name it!

2. Chicken Nuggets

A blend of meatiness and crispiness, this is the best thing to opt for if potato chips, popcorn and buffalo wings are just not doing it for you.

3. Chocolate

A punch of dopamine to lift you through the night, that’s all you need. Forget alcohol, chocolate makes you happy. It listens and it doesn’t let you go make a fool of yourself.

4. Nachos and cheese

Okay, so you read somewhere that chips make you fat, but nachos are “baked” and are made with corn, so they must be healthier? Right? RIGHT?

They come in those enormous packets and there’s nothing better than dipping them in melted cheese, ketchup, salsa or guacamole.

5. Ice-cream

So ice-cream is that thing you eat on a hot summers day, or when someone just broke your heart.

It tastes great at night after dinner, especially when you didn’t get satisfactory dessert (or none at all).

6. Chips

Nachos are just too fancy for you and you decide to stick to gold old potato chips. Such a pity that the packets just don’t hold enough. Tsk tsk…

7. Milkshakes

Creamy, sweet and it tastes just like liquid ice cream! Who wouldn’t want this?

8. Burgers and fries

There’s nothing like a hot juicy burger oozing with cheese and barbecue sauce dripping out. No burger is complete without fries. Whether it’s salted, shaken up with masala or covered with salsa and cheese.

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